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Early and Primary Learning Centre

1 Gerrard Close




68 Rannoch Ave

Riverside TAS 7250


Hello and Welcome.  Thank you for taking the time to find out about Patersonia. Patersonia is a small community-based, secular, independent learning environment offering education programs for 3 -12 year olds. We value our Tasmanian and Australian context, environment and inheritance, but connect globally – sharing with, and learning from, educators in other cultures. We adopt a personalised, strength and evidence-based approach to education where every student can be successful. Our smallness is our strength – students’ individual interests and passions contribute to their learning and exploration of unlimited research possibilities.

Nicole Crook

Chairperson and Co Founder

Who We Are​

The Australian Curriculum forms the framework for what is a negotiated, emergent and inquiry-based curriculum that is designed to foster engaged learning across all ages and equip students with enduring skills and resourcefulness that they can apply in their everyday lives, now and as adults.

Our parents want their children educated in a nurturing environment that enhances their natural talents and wellbeing. They value:

  • collaborative, hands on, high tech learning

  • nature play and outdoor education

  • personalised and negotiated curriculum, and

  • compassionate communication.

Our teachers are known as mentors and are excited to be in a learning environment where they can really engage with students and feel fully committed to its vision and values. They love learning, children, and nature, and want to get to know each student on a personal level to help them to flourish and thrive.

Our students thrive in the outdoors, have their right to play, imagination, and a full experience of childhood respected, and have rich opportunities to pursue their own passions within a challenging and engaging curriculum. They formulate their own ideas and are encouraged to question, to take risks and to make and learn from their mistakes.

At Patersonia we…

  • strive for each child to achieve their full academic, physical and social potential in a supportive and stimulating learning environment and as a valued member of the community

  • respect individuality, foster self-determination and support the emotional well-being of the child

  • expect co-operation between children, mentors, community members and parents/carers and involve parents/carers and the community in our day to day work

  • develop child-centred and innovative educational programs from an understanding of child development

  • allow student participation in the affairs of the centre and encourage involvement in the broader community

  • apply the latest findings from education, psychology and related fields to the improvement of our learning

  • respect and safeguard the professional status of our mentors and support their emotional well-being

  • emphasise active involvement in a wide range of learning situations and stress co-operation rather than competition

  • utilise the resources of our bush environment, local and global communities and develop the child's exploration, critical thinking and creative abilities

  • are non-denominational, co-educational with small flexible multi age groups and no uniforms

  • assess students individually and through evidence based methodologies

  • utilise the practices of collaborative problem solving

Meet Our Mentors

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